Parthanul is a small village that gets its name by corruption from the Thergerim "Pratheron" (Pratheron, reunion/meeting) and "Anul" (Anul, water), literally meaning "meeting of waters", doubtless referring to the Mashdai River that meets the Adanian Seacost, where the village is located. With barely one hundred inhabitants (of Avennorian origin) the village has strong dwarven influence (hence the name) due to the active trade with dwarves in a nearby settlement to the north. Living mainly on the sea catch and trading everything else they people need for a living, Parthanul is a typical fishing village.

The Giant Kraken

One particular legend concerns the foundation of the village. It is said that when the first settlers arrived to found Parthanul, folk from the countryside, not used to the ways of sea life, they forgot one very important thing - to honour Baveras and thank her for the fish that was the basis of their lives. Angry, she ordered a Giant Kraken to frighten them and shoo them away. It was impossible to live there - that was their punishment. After sometime, when settlers from other places near the sea, which properly revered Baveras, tried to move there, the Goddess of the Sea felt more appeased and let them live there. The Giant Kraken was found dead on the beach, and people felt their prayers were answered. Though this is a myth and may not be relied upon as real facts, one point is true - the finding of a Giant Kraken. Probably killed by other reason other than Baverasí benevolence, what is certain is that one of the rare and enormous seamonsters was found lying dead on Parthanul's beach. - Other than this, Parthanulians are very eccletic people in what concerns religion.