The Ria is the main building of the Tethinrhim elves you can find in the heart of the Auturian Woods. It is located at the captial of the Woods and represents the Sovereign's Housing.

Upon entering the capital of the Auturian Woods, the only visible building is a rather large delicately carved castle, which intertwines with an enormous Urban Tree. There are cuttings throughout the base of the tree forming small rooms and pathways while the building looks like itís grown out from the very base of the tree. Lightly covered with moss and soft vines the scene is very majestic. Little fairy type of bugs fly about the tree and rays of light come beaming down through the small gaps in the treetops. Up on the tree level there is a maze of buildings and pathways, each one linking by a long branch, small walk way or a simple plank of wood. Vines hang down from the various ledges at different lengths.

Inside the building of the Ria the walls are a light green in colour. Itís not a foul green, rather quite tasteful. After a small welcoming room there is a waiting room and then the main chambers of the Ria where the Sovereign is seated in his/her chair (unlike at other elven tribes male sovereigns aren't unusual), carved out of a smaller tree living inside the larger Urban Tree. The Sovereignís life mate is seated to his right while a small group of children play further towards the corner of the room. To the Sovereignís left there is the Chief Kaierian Warrior, again further still is the Spiritual Guider. Each one dresses in their finest of clothes. There is a room to the right where the Sovereign retires when he/she is tired of addressing matters in court. This room leads on to both the War room and the Peace room, each dedicated to the respectful Gods and Goddesses. Spiraling through the trunk of the tree is a staircase leading to the private chambers of the Sovereign and his guests.