Salh (Styrsh Salh) literally means "the bottom of" - referring to its location at sea level, rather than on a high cliff like Elving and most of the Zeiphyr, and is also known as Hr'lve'thm (Styrsh Hr'leve'thm, meaning lit. "valley stronghold"). Salh is the second of the Twin cities (the other being Elving) of the Quaelhoirhim elves in the Zeiphyrian Forests. Originally the city started life as a sort of extension of the Capital, Elving, into the smaller Eastern Forest as strong strategically point - dominating the Hr'lve'thm Bay, and the Auturian Valley that lies between the Zeiphyr and the Auturian Woods. It's military advantages of course were probably not the city's primary function, however, Salh serves as a trade rest for goods and travelers moving from Elving and beyond to the western towns of Marcogg and Elsreth. The Salh Road links Salh to Elving, along the coast. This is ideal as strangers, for the most part, are kept to the edges of the elves' beloved forest.