Shady Grove, also called "Banditwoods" among the locals, is a forested area in the eastern Manthrian province of Santharia, west of the Propsper Mountain Range and north of the last part of the Mashdai River flowing into the Adanian Sea. You can find the grayish-blue baych trees in the Shady Grove, ashwudes, sheen, silvery silkel trees, but also huge oaks standing in the midst of the parts of the forest where you find rather dispersed trees. The ground is covered with lythien and silken moss and the air is cool and refreshing.

The Shady Grove would be a quite idyllic place, if there weren't occasional raids on travellers by bandits, supposedly hailing from their hideout in the abandoned Deepgorge's Mine. This earned the woods the name "Banditwoods", and many travellers shun passing through these woods therefore, except the Black Butterfly Rovers, who are often seen camping in the southern woods regularly and don't seem to mind as there is not much to steal from them.