The Zeiphyrian Forests (also simply "Zeiphyr") consist of two large ‘twinned’ forests in close proximity to each other, south of New-Santhala and home to the Quaelhoirhim elven tribe. One of the tallest forest it is populated predominantly by evergreen species.

The Zeiphyr consists of two large lush, and predominantly evergreen forests. They are notable for the the average height of the canopy, which is a good 30 peds higher than most other forests in Sarvonia. The forests in fact have several names. The word Zeiphyr (zéi'phýr or zéi'phýr) means "breathing (living) woods" in Styrásh, for the elves believe that the woods were alive and therefore never claimed it as their own. The elves sometimes refer to the forest as "Yúlir" or "twins", with the western forest being refered to as "Yúlir’pardá" (western twin), or simply as "Lón’pardá" (western forest). The western forest is sometimes referred to also as the "Lon’únn" (the big forest), being larger in size by a small amount than the eastern forest. In fact the western forest was once considerably larger, than it is now, stretching as far west as Chyliklis and bordering the Vale of Brownies. Much of this extensive forest was destroyed during the First Sarvonian War and after by large scale flooding (in the 9th and the 8th century a.S.). The last remaining remnant of this larger forest is the Quallian, now separated from the main forest by open land of some considerable distance.