The Aerelian Lakes

The Aerelian Lakes, located in the Vardýnn Province of Santharia, are made up of six separate lakes: Saléstra, Aelignós, Evhodín, Melágria, Rhélean, and Codáth. The names of these lakes have been briefly studied by a handful of scholars of Vardýnn, who have tried to trace back to the etymological roots with limited success. The names, scholars say, have been melded by all the languages spoken in the area, including derivations of Styrásh and Tharian, even hints of Thergerim that may have traveled from the Fores.

Nestled just south of the Aurora Fields, the lakes are famous for their sapphire-blue colouration, but for the villagers that depend on them and their resources for survival, they serve as more than just a beautiful view: the lakes provide water and food, as well as a temperate climate with gentle seasons that facilitates fertile growth in the nearby Aurorian Hills.