The Forest of Knowledge

The Bolder forest ("Bolder" is a human rendering of the Styrásh name for the forest; Bóll'dáth or Bóll'dáth meaning literally "learning place", or "place of knowledge") is situated in the province of Vardýnn. Badly damaged by an orc raid during the Third Sarvonian War, the forest still bear scars, despite the Aellenrhim elves care deeply for their home. The forest is punctuated by settlement in the natural clearing by elven enclosures. The forest extends into the foothills of the Warnaka Mountains in the North, which shadow the forest from some of the expected rainfall. Humans in the neighbouring towns of Voldar and Nyermermys are still wary and suspicious of the forest since the orc raid, and rumours abound in the cities of the evil that dwells there.