The Isle of Churican

Churican, also called "the Isle of Churican" or "Churicán" (in Styrásh), rests just off the west coast of Sarvonia in Northern Santharia. Some believe its name to be a derivation of the Styrásh "Chró'uricán" for "Island (that is) to wave," or, more simply "Wave Land". Others argue that the first syllable might in fact derive from "chó", meaning "great". This would suggest that Churican's name actually derives from "chó'uricán", meaning "to undulate greatly". Located in the province of Vardýnn, it is an island blessed with both hills and plains across its fertile span, which measures approximately nine furlays from north to south and eight from east to west at its widest point.

Housing approximately 30,000 residents, the isle has fortunately weathered the storms of history; wars have come and gone, rulers risen and fallen, and kingdoms formed and faded, but it remains more or less as it has always been. Its grassy knolls are home to shepherds who watch over their flocks; its flatlands are covered in meldarapple orchards; its surrounding oceans are fished by the same families who have done so for generations. The people are friendly, yet cautious, but most will proudly claim that there is no place quite as beautiful, quite as fortunate, or quite as peaceful as the Isle of Churican.