The Heath of Jernais

Located in the heart of Santharia's province of Vardýnn, the Heath of Jernais is a composite of heath, moor, and farmland approximately 100 strals long and 500 strals wide. Best known for its numerous flowers, its vibrantly coloured blossoms form the largest wild garden in Southern Sarvonia. Along the Vandrina River, rising between the blooms and grasses, is the city of Jernais and a cascade of small farming villages. The Milkengrad-Carmalad trade route crosses through the east and west borders of the Heath, providing travelers the shortest lateral passage through Vardýnn. Numerous starback deer have overgrazed the heathland, halting it from transforming into a woodland like the Thaelon Forest to the north. No matter how often the Heath of Jernais was scorched by the fires of nature, or by the fires of war, it has been restored each time with renewed vigor in the face of adversity.

The origin of the Heath’s name is traced back to ancient Erpheronia. It is a combination of the ancient Aerpheriane words “Jer“ (meaning “flower”) and “nais” (meaning “heath”). In Styrásh, the Heath of Jernais is known as “Prán Meríniás” (literally "Heath of the Flowers").