The City of Milkengrad

Milkengrad was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Centorauria and the metropolis of the Helcrani tribe. It is one of the largest cities in the Sarvonian continent. The city is built upon the Efirhal Island and dominates it. Milkengrad is widely known all over Santharia not only for the temperament of its residents but also for its extraordinary beauty that surpasses many other human cities in whole Caelereth. Elven influence is visible all around the city and in every field; in architecture, in the names, in the culture of its residents.

In Santharia Milkengrad can only be compared to the elven city of Elving, whose beauty is legendary as well. In everyday life the locals refer to Milkengrad simply as “the City” (and to the settlements in Helcrah as “the Villages”). The city’s population consists of a mixture of humans, elves and dwarves of Helcrani origin. However, one also can find other Centoraurians as well as many foreigners that earn their living in the metropolis of the western coast.