Salsair is a large city of 20.000 people, mostly Centoraurian, found in the northern Vardưnn province of Santharia on the continent of Sarvonia, once named after King Salman's wife Salsai back in 1620 b.S. Where the waters of Lake Aelignós gently lap against the shore near the source of the Aelunn River, Salsair started out as a small fishing village. Over time it grew in size and importance, where it now serves as a wonderful summer retreat for the wealthy who want to enjoy the beauty of the lake. It also serves as a major hub for both fishing and agriculture in the area. Being part of the Aerelian Lakes system as well as on the Aelunn River, Salsair takes advantage of the water system to be a center of trade in Vardưnn province.