The Thaelon

The Thaelon Forest (lit. "tae lón", Styrásh for "Covered Wood", "Secret Wood" or more freely translated "Sanctuary Wood") is Santharia's largest forest, and may even be the biggest on Caelereth, comparable in size only to forests like the Shaded Forest in Northern Sarvonia or the Drifting Woods of Nybelmar. It is located in the northernmost province of the United Kingdom, Vardýnn, and stretches for sure over a 1000 strals from east to west and at least an estimated 300 strals from north to south. The enormous size becomes especially evident if you consider travelling times: It takes a fast courier no less 12 days to pass through on a secure route when on his way to Nyermersys to New-Santhala, and at least 15 days when riding along the southern border along the Vandrina to go from Voldar to Ephirn's Lake! The Thaelon is a tranquil and serene place, sacred to all elven tribes of Sarvonia. They are believed to have their mythological roots in these woods, and thus it is surrounded in mystery to all but the elves. However, how much the elves themselves understand of this forest remains unknown. Many elves believe it to be the centre of the world where the ancient Tree of Life, Eu'reóll, has its roots and thus it is supposed to be the place of origin of many things.

Indeed the inexplicable mysteries that surround parts of the forest are manifold. Some areas emanate an aura of magic that is beyond the comprehension of any human. The innermost places are even said to be guarded by plant-beings and protected by eerie phenomenons like wisps and phantasms that make it impossible to enter the heart of the sanctuary. The Thaelon is also rumoured to still be the home of the enigmatic and numinous light elves, but their sightings are rare; they usually appear to selected elves only.

Throughout the forest there is also a vast diversity of flora and fauna which is uncompared to any other forest in the known world. - Travellers beware: To travel in the Thaelon without a guide is for all but elves quite a risk to take.