Losh-Oc'B'rak, or "True Orc Fighting", is a form of fighting practiced by the violent orc tribe of the Losh-Oc which dwell in the harsh hills of Oro north of the Tandala Highlands im Northern Sarvonia. The art was created to decide between two rival leaders in a savage duel to the death. These duels were a matter of honour and of the utmost importance to the tribe, and because of their disregard to all races, including other orcs, they feel no other race is worthy enough to learn the ways of Losh-Oc'B'rak.

Description. The art of Losh-Oc'B'rak exists solely for leadership fights inside of the Losh-Oc tribe. Being the "True Orcs" they believe fights for leadership of a tribe of their importance is a semi-sacred event and the "rituals" used in such an occasion that the martial art they used should never be wasted on the "vermin" and "untrue" races in Caelereth.

The use of the fighting style is quite strange because other styles, such as Doimo Brawling, are used in self defence, but Losh-Oc'B'rak is an aggresive form of fighting which uses hardly any defensive moves and is more of an "attack to kill" style of fighting. The fights are as savage as the
Losh-Oc themselves, biting, clawing, and even spitting at their opponents but the Losh-Oc still claim that the fights are honourable, a claim most men, elves and dwarves struggle to understand.

The fights themselves are also very ritualistic and are a very important decision. The challenger, for whatever reason, challenges the leader by scratching him on the cheek (which is why warlords with lots of eye scratches are respected and even feared more). Many intimidating taunts are also made while the opponents circle each other. As they circle each other they remove all armour and fight naked, proving they need no protection to completely slaughter their opponent, while showing off previous battle scars. They also use no weapons other than their own teeth and claws.

By this time a crowd of chanting bloodthirsty orcs will have gathered around the fight, then the current leader makes the first move. Then the savage brawl begins. After the vicious battle, if the challenger wins, a shaman will come up to the victor and shaves the other half of his head.
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Techniques and Moves. Because of the intent of the fights the moves are a little different from other martial arts. We will use the Kh'om'chr'om translations for attacker, "K'arq" and the one who is struck, "Arq'u":

Training. How the martial art is learnt is a mystery to the 'vermin' population, mainly because all of the orcs which have parted with information about it are females (and it is known the Losh-Oc don't regard their women high enough to let them have a chance to lead a clan). Many of the female Losh-Oc believe that young males learn the moves from a young age because they enjoy the fights and pick up the moves, described by the Kuglimz as "Orcling see, Orcling do".

Another theory some of the Losh-Oc women have is that successful warlords privately tutor their sons the ways of Losh-Oc'B'rak, so that they may bring honour to their family as they have. Return to the top

Origin/History. Since the "True Orcs" (the Losh-Oc) broke off from the "Noble Orcs" (or Ashz-Oc), there have been countless fights in the struggle for leadership of different clans. Before the joint decision of the shamans, and thus creation of Losh-Oc'B'rak, leaders were betrayed and killed by their armed warriors while they slept.

After decades of this behavior one shaman, Oun'Mar, became very offended and enforced rules upon his clan. He said that the warlords should only be killed when challenged to a duel, and all who broke this rule shall be slaughtered. He felt that a high tribe like the Losh-Oc should have the courage to challenge their leader and not, literally, stab them in the back.

Many of the orcs disregarded his words and within the next two weeks the current warlord had been killed in his sleep. The shaman didn't know what to do so he called a council of all the Losh-Oc shamans.

Oun'Mar began the council by explaining the situation. One of the bloodthristy shamans, Uck'ar'Kh’al’on, declared that that the Losh-Oc were the highest tribe of the highest race and they deserved the right to kill their leaders however they wished. But one more peaceful shaman, who was said to have renamed himself H'rrimt'Rrrak, argued that the leaders of the highest race deserved to live.

Various shamans thought that this was wrong - only the vermin humans valued their leader's lives, and why should they act like the vermin? Before the council turned into a rioting mob Oun'Mar compromised, arguing that the whole concept was dishonourable.

They finally decided that unarmed duels would be perfect to demonstrate all the traits that a warlord needs, as well as providing entertainment and being utterly different from the tiresome chore of "killing vermin".

It is rumoured now that there is a great punishment for dishonourable killings of "noble" warlords. After discovering some peculiarly-maimed orcish corpses many different theories about this punishement sprang up. Some believe that the dishonourable warrior is bound by chains to a crude table while he's cut to pieces. Others claim that the warrior is staked to the ground with his stomach slit open and left for the scavengers. Whatever the case, dishonour is certainly punished severely among the Losh-Oc
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