Born circa 1664 b.S,, the daughter of a Folkmore elf and human jongleur, Lady Artanmies is known for the founding of the city of Naurooth in Northern Sarvonia in around 1645 b. S.

Appearance. As shown by her portrait, which hangs in the council hall at Naurooth, Artanmies was a dramatically beautiful woman. Tall and slender like the elves, with long red hair and amber eyes, she was quite striking. Her graceful features do not conceal a determined jaw and strong chin, and her high forehead and wide-set eyes suggest the intelligence of this unusual woman.
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Lady Artanmies

View picture in full size Picture description. Portrait of Lady Artanmies, founder of the city of Naurooth, as shown on a portrait in the city's council hall. Image by Bard Judith.

Biography. Artanmies was born in the city of Parthenon, around 1664-1665 b.S. She was the rare result of a short-term dalliance between a Folkmore elf woman and human minstrel. The handicap of her mixed birth, though less important to the Folkmore elves than it might have been to another group, meant that during her early years she had to excel in everything merely to be acceptable. Human cunning and elven wisdom combined to make her an exceedingly clever person. She also developed an innate ability to be persuasive and to manipulate others into doing what she wanted them to.

In 1649 b.S., she fled with the other elves from Gouran, an elven mage who had been corrupted by evil magic, and who brought on the destruction of Parthenon. Arthanmies' mother died in the flight, killed by a warg by the Mithril Bridge and the girl was abruptly orphaned. However, she was fortunate enough to be on one of the two ships that survived the Gouran-brought storm, landing on one of the islands in what is now the Eight Winds Bay in Northern Sarvonia.

After the death of Gouran, the elven survivors spread out and began to explore. They took the name of “Arthryon” (Styrásh for "blessed sea") at this time. The girl Artanmies, now about 16 or 17 years old, who now answered to no-one and did as she wished, went with a group of explorers that went westward. During these trips she developed a reputation for bravery, joining in fights against pirates or sea monsters as fiercely as any warrior. She also became noted for her intelligence, since she was not afraid to put her views forward and could argue her ideas with skill, tenacity, and persuasion. When she proved to be right, which was often, the other elves began to respect and pay more attention to her.

In the summer of 1646 b.S., they landed at the westernmost point of Northern Sarvonia, to replenish their food stuffs and to explore the area. They discovered an untouched land, uninhabited and lush with greenery and animals. During their explorations, it was Artanmies who first brought up the idea that the area would make a good trading post settlement, and she convinced many of the others. By the following summer, a small village was formed, which came to be called Naurooth.

In 1639 b.S. the first humans came into the area. They were of the group that had followed Helvet during the flight from the Mynian Empire. The Arthyron elves, respecting their determination and appreciating their cleverness and creativity, welcomed the humans, who settled in the area and became known as the Helvetine Kuglimz. Artanmies eventually wedded one of the humans, a talented goldsmith named Minaron. Some of the full-blooded elves followed her example and intermarried with humans. Most Nauroothian humans today bear at least a trace of elven blood.
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Importance. As well as being responsible for the founding of Naurooth, which is now a major trading port for Kuglimz goods and southern wares, Artanmies is thought by many scholars to be responsible for the attitude of the Arthryon elves to humans in general. Though she was a half-blood, the elves had to respect her for her intelligence and ability and it is likely due to her that they realized humans had much to offer, in spite of their shorter lifetimes and aggressive instincts.
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Myth/Lore. Artanmies is often held up as an example of perseverance and determination (these being among the traits the Kuglimz admire) to young Nauroothians, especially girls. A favorite game with youngsters is "'Mies and the Pirates" which basically involves two teams of four to eight children each, one led by the child playing Artanmies and the other by one styled "The Pirate King." The teams are competing to steal the other's "treasure" and get to a designated "hideout" without suffering too many casualties, which occur when one is "tagged" by a member of the opposing team. These tagged members may be rescued once, but if tagged again, are considered dead and are out of the game. If this happens to one of the leaders, their team automatically loses. Return to the top

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