(928-789 b.S.) Notorious captain of the dark elven tribe of the Eophyrhim located at the forest of the Paelelon at the east of Santharia.

Beringstin Dimeye

View picture in full size Picture description: The notorious captain of the dark elven tribe of the Eophyrhim, Beringstin Dimeye. Image drawn by Dramads.

Beringstin was feared for his extraordinary ferocity and brutality in SW I, especially for his deeds at the Battle of Annihilation at the Zeiphyrian Forests (806 b.S.), one of the most remembered battles ever fought. Beringstin himself is said to have suffered of terrible tortures by humans where he lost half of his eyesight. This also seems to be the main source of his uncomparable hatred for the human race as a whole. However, his uttermost hatred also led to his death in 789 b.S. when he tried to force the human captain Diraton of Caelum to guide him to a secret hideout of human forces. Beringstin died following the human hero as he hurled himself into the Anaios Gap. Diraton's heroic deed also led hundreds of dark elves into their fate and made him to an unforgotten hero of his tribe, the Centoraurians.

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