(347-242 b.S.) Commander of the hobbits' forces at the Battle of Four Swords (SW III) at 292 b.S. and later on Thain of the Shire of Halbania at the newly discovered Isle of Denilou. There the remaining forces of the joined human, elven, dwarven and hobbit army had fled after the battle at Carmalad seemed to become more and more hopeless and impossible to win.

Boe Starlinggale

View picture in full size Picture description: The halfling Boe Starlinggale. Image drawn by Faugar.

Boe was born as the fourth son of the millers family Camtillda and Tulmengolph Starlinggale in the Helmondsshire, located south of the Silvermarshes in the vicinity of the Thaelon. From childhood on he was a hard working gardener for his village and always appreciated by his fellow-hobbits, so that he became first assistent to the Thain at the age of 45.

When the Third Sarvonian War broke out, many hobbit settlements in the Helmondsshire fell prey to the masses of orcs who invaded the country. After he had seen the brutality the invaders had caused, Boe was one of the first who volunteered to defend his brothers and sisters by joining a division of hobbit lancers. It is reported that Boe fought so bravely in the Battle of Four Swords that the leader of the joined Northern Sarvonian forces, the Aellenrhim Pherán'Ephtaerín (Tree Whispers by human name), nominated Boe Commander of the hobbit forces when Palvin Nhadle was hit by friendly fire during the battle. But though Boe and his combatants fought unceasingly their only chance of surviving was to retreat to the haven of Carmalad. The city was besieged for several days, but no reinforcments from the southern parts of Sarvonia were to be expected in time. Finally the leaders of the joined Sarvonian forces decided to abandon the continent in the search for new lands, hoping that the orcish warriors wouldn't be able to follow them. And indeed, so it happened.

At the discovered island of Denilou, far to the east of the Sarvonian continent, Boe soon was assigned the task of Tain of the newly founded Shire of Halbania. For the rest of his life Boe worked very hard in order to establish a well functioning halfling community which managed to come along remarkably good with all the other races on the island.

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