(311 b.S. - 288 b.S.) Originally a fisher's daugther at Carmalad who in her devoted fighting against the orcish hordes at the very beginning of SW III, the War of the Coming of Coór'Melór, became one of the most adored heroines of the Caltharian Kingdom ever.

Caeorphynn the Orkenslayer
View picture in full size Caeorphynn the Orkenslayer. Picture drawn by Vaelaron.

It is told in many stories that the maid Caeorphynn lost all her ancestors at the Battle of Carmalad at 292 b.S., the final battle at the Battle of Four Swords where the orcs for the first time ever threatened to conquer the Sarvonian regions south of the Tandala Highlands. Many people of all races joined the famous Flight from Carmalad searching a new home somewhere in the midst of the Adanian Sea. But Caeorphynn refused to leave the continent without having taken revenge for the death of her family. Instead she joined small troups who fled south and she finally participiated in the counterstrike, the Recapturing of Carmalad, freeing her home town and killing more than six dozens of orcs with her own hand. Caeorphynn the Orkenslayer as she was titled later on was well known for her courage to ride with the severed head of the orcish captain Hourelin on top of her spear into the midst of the orcish horde, chasing the troops into all directions with her determined presence only. Caeorphynn died weeks after the defeat of the orcs at a malicious illness named Urgroum's Call, a mysterious feverish infection of which many brave men died at this war who had fought in close combat against the hordes of the darkfriends.

Hundreds of years later a statue of the maid Caeorphynn was errected in the town center of Carmalad, showing her glorious beheading of the orc Hourelin near the Silvermarshes.

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