Rephaell "Faugar" Rżnngaewish (1626-) is one of the most famous contemporary Santharian artists, living in the captial of the province of Nermeran, the dark northern city of Nyermersys. Faugar is currently mainly drawing various works for the Santharian Compendium, a massive encyclopedia, which is elaborated by the royal archivist Artimidor Federkiel with the help of many of his scholars at the library of New-Santhala.


View picture in full size Picture description: A self-portrait of Faugar, a celebrity of Nyermersys.

Biography. Faugar was born as the second child of an aristocratic family in Thyslan, and was named Rephaell Rżnngaewish. His parents discovered his talents very soon, and so he was sent to Bardavos, the famous City of Artists, at the age of 14 in order to receive the appropriate education a creative mind requires to develop slumbering abilities in full. It is common use that the students of Bardavos assign their artist's name upon entering their education in arts. So Rephaell named himself Faugar after his father's father, a merchant, who had earned his fortune with the introduction of caťh-Fish trade at Churican and later on in Thyslan. Very soon it turned out that Faugar's pencil works as well as his acrylic and watercolor paintings had an uncompareable style and a unique quality of their own. Even at this early age the extraordinary excellence of his paintings and his love for details were remarkable. Timid by nature and humble in his needs Faugar often withdrew in his study to work on even more outstanding works and never ceased to improve his techniques in order to achieve even better results. The outcomes were even more amazing, and it was soon rumoured among his teachers that the most famous Santharian painter, the great Aeraen, who had lived during the third century of the Age of Kings, had finally found a worthy successor. Thus it was no surprise that Faugar already received the title "Master of Arts" from the Thaehavin-University at the age of 19.

A few months after he had left the Thaehavin, Faugar already had finished his first commissions for several aristocratic houses of Bardavos and Marcogg and soon his fame spread throughout the lands. In 1649 - following a recommendation of the Santhalian sage Artimidor - he was even called to the king's court to serve with his talents for the regent himself.

Though Faugar is currently still in the king's service working on paintings for the Santharian Compendium, he finally settled in Nyermersys, a town which seems to represent the right atmosphere for the artist's needs. In this nowadays tranquil and peaceful town dedicated to Queprur, Goddess of Death and Silence, Faugar also completed several dark, yes, sometimes even horrific works aside from his accurate realistic portraits. These works are said to give deep insights in the abysses within the human soul and are also valued by many contemporary critics.
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Importance. Faugar is not only one of the most proficient artists in the United Kingdom, especially concerning portraits and the like. Faugar's support of the Santharian Compendium with various drawings also made him one of the most renown people throughout the lands. The Santharian Compendium is well spread in all provinces of the realm, and so is Faugar's work, present in every Santharian home, enjoyed by young and old.
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