Food. Everybody needs it, and most love it. The Elenveran halfling Hubert Greengrove (born 1623) shares this passion with most for eating food, but also, he loves to cook it. As a young hobbit he loved food, and by the age of 34, he left his safe, cosy shire of Elenveran to travel to New-Santhala and more importantly Dame Sausade's Cooking School. Now the, as he puts it, chiefly chief chef, in the Lorehold University, Hubert lives his passion for food.

Appearance. Hubert stands at average height for a hobbit, about a ped in height. With a love for food, the cook bears a well rounded stomach, bigger than even usually for a hobbit. "A round belly doesn't only suit Nelly," is a common halfling proverb reflecting on the rather easygoing hobbit way of life, and Hubert seems to have taken this saying by heart, yet he is still spry and bustling about. As a young hobbit, Hubert never developed a love for gardening, and as a result, his skin is more like that of a Elenveran hobbit, rather than the tanned skin of his Elenveran Shire. Like all hobbits, Hubert has hands and feet that seem too large for his short body. These dextrous hands help tremendously with his profession.

The Halfling Cook Hubert Greengrove
View picture in full size Image description. The famous hobbit Hubert Greengrove, known across the kingdom, in his favourite place. Picture drawn by Quellion.

Though Hubertís skin is pale his face is often flushed, especially while cooking. Rosy red cheeks sit on either side of a rather large, and often red, nose. Above these cheeks beam two radiant orbs, full of mirth. These eyes are hazel in colour and pale, like his skin. Arching over these eyes are two brown, large eyebrows. Matching these in colour, Hubert has brown curly hair on top of his head as is common for many a halfling, as well as on his feet. He has this trimmed much shorter however than most other hobbits would.

Hubert is not often seen without his apron, prone to wearing it outside of the kitchen as well. The apron bears stains of a long career as a cook, almost covering the name Hubert embroidered by the collar. He has, however, been known to remove it for special occasions. When asked about this he remarked, ĒDo you know how difficult it is trying to find clothing for a
hobbit in Lorehaven, after a splash of moorgul has ruined a shirt?Ē Underneath the apron Hubert wears a white shirt covered by vest, usually green or brown. About his legs, he wears pants of a darker shade than his vest. His clothes are relatively tight fitting, especially around his stomach. Like most halflings, Hubert shirks shoes, or footwear of any kind whatsoever.
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Personality. To those who first meet Hubert their remark is usually, "Does he every stop moving?" And many of his friends would probably agree. With a life full of hustling and bustling, it appears the Hubert is always doing something. This is most probably due to his perfectionist nature. Working as the chief cook at the Lorehold he is constantly displeased with his assistant cooks and their less than perfect meals. In truth, though cooking is what he loves, cooking with these people is not. He much prefers to be by himself, with a bubbling cauldron, and a ladle in his hand. As such he was also drawn only recently by the grand elven artist Quellion, who visited the Lorehold and was delighted by Hubert's lightly spiced and roasted swan with roasted carroots and neeps, served beside a warm taenish broth.

Hubert is a kind fellow, greeting those who pass by his busy kitchen. In fact, he is exactly how one would imagine a hobbit. Short, sweet, and full of mirth. Around friends a hearty laugh is by far his favourite tool. Those who know him will tell you that he has a rather quirky nature, but itís to his benefit. All in all, Hubert is a friendly hobbit. Return to the top

Biography. Birth (1623). Hubert Greengrove was born into a pleasant hobbit family, in the peaceful Shire of Elenveran, on a fine Elfday, on the 26th of Molten Ice, in the year 1623 a.S. His mother, Iris, and his father, Fardo, were a well respected family of gardeners. They had struggled for a child for many years and were overjoyed when Hubert was born. He was born to them late in their life and they never had another child.

Childhood (1629 -1639). Hubert had a childhood like any other
hobbit. He laughed, he played and he picked flowers, he was always "off with Dalireen" as the hobbit saying goes. Hubert says his first memory is the day he discovered cookery. One day his mother scooped his up from the ground and brought him to the kitchen. As every mother of the shire does, she showed him cookery. Starting with a simple meal, she brought out flour, salt, water and two things Hubert had never seen. The first, a brown block, quickly escaped his interest, but the second captivated him. He held the luscious, golden liquid up to the sunlight to see the world turn golden. Seeing her sonís amazement, Iris explained that the first was yeast and the second, malisehoney. Together they made a loaf of semm bread.

Adolescence (1640-1651). As Hubert grew older his interest in gardening diminished as his fascination with cookery grew. His parents were disappointed that their son did not want to follow in their footsteps, but they loved him nonetheless. He still enjoyed nature and its beauties, he just disliked tending it. His skill with cookery however excelled, and he soon went to other
hobbits, more skilled in cookery than his parents, to learn from them.

He was known to be the local cookery helper in the shire, travelling around and helping anybody who was cooking. The shire loved him and his cooking prowess, and he loved the shire in return. But his heart told him that he was meant for more. Hubert knew he had to leave his beloved people and seek tuition. He soon found out who could teach him cookery, the famous receipt collector and master cook respected throughout the whole of Santharia Dame Sausade. A traveller from New-Santhala passed through the shire and happened to see Hubert cooking. He remarked that the great Dame Sausade would be envious. Intrigued, Hubert questioned the traveller and soon learnt where his cooking tuition would continue.

I Want To Be A Cook (1652). At the turn of the year, Hubert built up the courage to tell his parents what they already knew. Though they had always kept the hope that he would be inspired to be a gardener, they knew his passion was with food. He expected them to be distraught when he told them his life's dream was to be a cook. To his surprise they were joyous. That was until he told them about leaving. He had learnt all he could from his unofficial tuition of the shirefolk, and now it was time to learn from a professional.

Reluctantly his parents let their child go to New-Santhala, to study under the famous Dame Sausade. He bid them farewell and promised to return. His journey was easy, and with a week he was in the kingdom capital. The sheer number of people astounded him. It was so unlike his peaceful shire, where time passed on its own accord. He had soon found Dame Sausade's Cookery School, and after meeting the great cook, was accepted into the school. She was delighted to see a
hobbit in her school, hoping to learn a few things from his people.

His time spent at the school was joyous. He learnt the more technical skills of cookery, such as the matching of flavours. Being around Dame Sausade so much they became good friends, sharing stories, mostly about food.

Happy Birthday (1656). And so when Hubert approached the age of thirty-three, one of the most important ages in a
hobbit life due to their love for funny numbers, in this case the coming of age was being sealed, he started his journey back to his folk. The weather made travelling hard, delaying him, but he persevered. As he stepped into his shire he decided to go to his parents. In her garden, Iris saw him first. She leapt up with joy, praising Dalireen for returning her son to her. His father came out of the hobbit hole, saw his son and wept.

As they shepherded Hubert inside, and their excitement settled, they set about preparing the party for Hubertís coming of age, in but a few days. These two humble gardeners promised their son the best party ever, full of Darileenís many delights. As news of Hubert's return spread many came to offer their help with his party. Invitations were written, entertainment was organised, drinks were bought and of course food was cooked.

On the twenty-sixth day of Molten Ice, exactly thirty-three years after his birth, Hubert celebrated his coming of age, with most of the
hobbits of the shire. Ale flowed and much food was eaten as the party led on into the night.

But a week later, after the mess the party had left was cleaned up, Hubert said farewell to his parents. He knew he had to return to New-Santhala to resume his cookery tuition. After many tears, and a few gifts, Hubert said good-bye to the shire, and left his folk.

Dame Sausade (1656-1661). After his birthday, and coming of age, Hubert returned to Dame Sausade, expecting more tuition. However, when he returned and asked what their next lesson would be she told him there would not be one. Confused he asked why, to be told that his training was over; he was a cook, and a great one at that. Promptly, though having just returned from one, Hubert organised another party,
hobbit style of course, to celebrate his graduation. He remained with Dame Sausade for quite some time, even teaching in a few of her lessons, but eventually he knew he had to leave and seek a job and a challenge to prove his talents.

What is Food? (1661-1663). This question intrigued Hubert. He wanted to know all there was about food. After a short visit to his parents, Hubert set out on a journey around the kingdom, learning all he could about food. He returned regularly to Dame Sausade to tell her of his travels, and new receipts. During his travels Hubert cooked for many famous people throughout the kingdom, and his reputation spread. This travelling greatly expanded his knowledge of food and how it is prepared. Dame Sausade herself says of him:

"Hubert is the most brilliant cook of this generation, you know, and possibly the most accomplished in Santharian history. His food is inspired, and fresh yet comforting, isn't it? Lorehold is greatly fortunate to have Hubert as kitchenmaster, for many a noble has tried to engage his services elsewhere, haven't they..."

Such an extravagant compliment isn't made lightly by one of Santharia's most famous food celebrities, surely!

Lorehold (1663 until the Present Day). During his travels in the south, Hubert stayed at Lorehaven, and in particular Lorehold. At first it was to read what they had about food, but after tasting the food that evening, he was outraged that the great university served this 'gruel'. The university soon offered him a job as the chief cook at Lorehold, which he accepted. He did, and still does, sometimes leave to cook for the many famous personalities who asked, and of course to return to Dame Sausade, but was terrified to leave the other cooks alone. He also regularly visits his family and friend in the shire. Whenever there is a party, he is always called for, and the hobbits are elated at the returning of one of their greatest sons. Today he still resides in the university, and has actually started teaching another hobbit cookery. It's a wonder he can fit it all in a day.
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Importance. Hubert Greengrove is known throughout the lands as a cook extraordinaire. On more than one occasion famous celebrities, such as the king himself, have asked him to cook for them. Across the kingdom his subtleties are legendary. He now resides at the Lorehold, as the chief cook, and achievement within itself. At a young age, Hubert went to learn cookery from Dame Sausade, and still they remain great friends. He has also contributed quite a few well known receipts to her cookery book. As any cheese enthusiast will tell you, Hubert has quite the palette for this toothsome food, and is somewhat of an expert.
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