(Birth date unknown) Knight of unknown origin and not so unknown vagabound, gatherer of rare items and restless wanderer. Calls himself in his own words "Knight of the Moonlight". Lately Koldar was recruited by the famous Artimidor Federkiel to organize and find artifacts for a great project: The Santharian Compendium.

Koldar Mondrakken

View picture in full size Picture description: The mysterious wanderer Koldar Mondrakken. Image drawn by Faugar.

As has been stated, Koldar's origin is not known, but some people suspect that he's coming from a land in the far east, of which not much information has reached Santharian lands yet. Obviously Koldar's desire to learn more about our lands encouraged him to travel for several years through the whole realms of Santharia, something only few people yet accomplished. He was spotted at the Cape of Strata as well as in the dark, narrow streets of Nyermersys, but his fate was fulfilled when he was caught in the King's Palace of New Santhala and nobody knew how he got there and what he wanted.

Luckily the Santhalian sage Artimidor Federkiel was in urgent need of a man that should bring him a very rare and hardly accessible item and so this biography doesn't end already in a dark cell somewhere below the palace. - Despite all odds against him, Koldar managed to retrieve a map of the famous but obscure lands of Mythe for the Compendium. Of this map only very few copies are known, all supposed to be located in the fabulous Town of Mages, Ximax, closely watched by the mages in the Aequileum, the Great Library. How exactly Koldar got the item nobody really can say, and everybody who values the fact that the map was retrieved wouldn't dare to ask how it was achieved.

Ever since then Koldar was sent on various dangerous missions for Artimidor and his great dream in order to accumulate valueable information for the Compendium from different sources. Besides working on organizing heraldy in the chaos of the United Kingdom of Santharia, Koldar also has done all kinds of documentary stuff and so far has mastered his tasks with only little complaints.

But Artimidor should not be to sure about this guy as his origin is very unsure and nobody can say when he'll go on the move again and head elsewhere without leaving any tracks behind...

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