Famous Akdorian Brownie. Leafbiter is a somewhat legendary figure. His activities were as strange as his name. He is considered the father of the rich storytelling tradition of travelling Brownie Shamans in Akdor.

He was a bit more... extreme then all other Brownie Shamans. No-one knows exactly when or where he lived, as each story about him gives a slightly different account of his origins. Some said he was raised in the shadow of the mountains, others said he came from over the sea, but all the stories agree that in listening to the patterns of his voice as he told of things which were, and things that are hidden, and prophecies of what may be, there was a special sort of magic that entranced the listener and made him forget the steppe and the trees and see instead those shapes and shadows that Leafbiter chose to show his rapt audience.

For well over 200 years he ruled the fireside (or so it is told), staying for a week, or a month, or just a meal. A weird song would be heard in the distance, rising and falling to the accompainment of rattled shells. The song would grow louder, than fainter, in turns, and eventually the owner of the voice would step in the firelight, immediately launching into a tale involving Brownies of yore, or Spirits, or men, elves, dwarves and gnomes, or occasionally the ever-mysterious First One. Then Leafbiter would stride confidently to the fire and sit down. Without fail he would be provided with the best food and drink that the tribe had to offer. Sooner or later, sated, he would sit back with a sigh, then with flashing eyes and gesturing hands, the night's storytelling would begin in earnest.

Every tribe in Akdor tells stories of having been visited by Leafbiter. He always arrived unannounced, and would leave in the same way, leaving his seat at the fire empty, with no one ever having seen him go. Was he real? The Akdorians vehemently claim that he was. What of his age? The Akdorians believe that one day, tiring of telling stories by mortal firesides, Leafbiter wandered off into the misty spirit world and began to sing to them and tell stories to them, and that someday he will return again to the steppes of Akdor, showing up once again by firesides uninvited, and announced only by a song, enthralling all within the sound of his voice.

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