(Approx. 180-210) Together with Eyrin Fontramonn one of the main characters of the heroic myth contained in the so-called "Book of Paths". The "Book of Paths" - a trilogy of books in fact - is one of the most important books in Santharian literature and was later on renamed to "Avaesthoría" in the new edition which was published recently by the Santhalian sage Artimidor Federkiel. It recounts the story of the half-elf Eyrin and his struggle with the evil he encounters and the evil which lies within himself.

Leander S'Ingvendar

View picture in full size Picture description: The bard Leander S'Ingevandar, who accompanied Eyrin on his mission to defeat the Móh'rónn. Image drawn by Faugar.

Book I of the Avaesthoría ("The Shadows of Móh'rónn") tells how the the young Voldarian courier Eyrin accidentally meets the bard Leander in an inn near the dwarven mine of Hog. Leander is no stranger to Eyrin. When he was a child Eyrin got to know Leander as part of a big gypsy family which wandered around in Santharian lands in order to entertain people, to bring merriment and joy. The encounter at the inn and the following incidents would tie the two youths together for the rest of their lives, and they would soon save each others life more than once. Together Eyrin and Leander are cast into the dungeons of Hegedorn by the hand of fate, and in these dungeons they have only one choice in order to escape: To join a hopeless adventure with the aim of defeating the Móh'rónn, the dark elven lord, who has descended to the Underworlds to topple the earthen Titan and to gain immortality. Upon the final fight with the Móh'rónn, Leander and Eyrin are seperated from each other, not only physically, but also in spirit as the Avaesthoría reveal later on.

Thus Leander also plays a very important role in Book III when the main characters meet again in the final apocalyptic struggle between good and evil, life and death and - last not least - love and sacrifice.

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