Picture description: The archmage and tyrant Ma'asherom the Red Drawn by Faugar.

(ca. 9000 b.S.) Archmage and tyrant of the Age of Silence, reigning at great parts of the southern Sarvonian continent. He was utterly feared by his subjects, but also glorified as a demi-god and prophet of Cor, the Shadow Himself. Ma'asherom is said to have been one of the last remaining magicians surviving the terrible War of the Chosen, in which black and white magicians fought ferocious battles against themselves in order to gain predominance over the known world, but finally extinguished each other in an completely uncompareable manner. Although only very little is known about Ma'asherom's life, his status among the people he dominated was undisputed for a long time, also due to the fact that Ma'asherom used to keep orcish slaves which the humans diverted from their own misery.

The sources concerning Ma'asherom's death may not be trusted in full, but it indeed seems likely, that Ma'asherom the Red, found his death at the Colthoi temple in the former metropolis of El'Darthar at a revolution against him started by his numerous subjects.

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