Pherán'Ephtaerín (Styrásh Pherán'Ephtaerín, translated "Tree Whispers") was a famous elf, who originally hailed from the Aellenrhim tribe located at the Sarvonian mainland. He lived from 390-242 b.S. Pherán'Ephtaerín was initially captain of an elven contingent of bowers in SW III, then - in the course of the war - commanded joined human, dwarven, halfling and elven forces at the Battle of Four Swords (292 b.S.) and - retreating - finally supported Carmalad with his forces, trying to resist the overwhelming orcish invasion from the Northlands. Together with the few soldiers who were still left after the defending of the city, Pherán'Ephtaerín escaped the orcs by abandoning the Sarvonian continent and sailing east into the Adanian Sea with his wounded men. They finally settled on the isle of Denilou where Pherán'Ephtaerín became the first elven Rónn of the Carmarhim elves ("tribe from Carmalad") at the Alé'lón forest in the northwestern part of the isle.


View picture in full size Picture description. Portrait of the first Rónn of the elves of Deni'lou, the Aellenrhim elf Pherán'Ephtaerín. Image drawn by Quellion.

Biography. Though not much is known about Pherán'Ephtaerín's youth and pre-war years, there exist several documents that Pherán'Ephteraerín had already gained the respect of his fellow elves long before he earned his first merits in the commencing Third Sarvonian War. He was aged 98 when the war began and soon become known as a thinker and strategist who made wise decisions in the first battles, preventing many unnecessary deaths. Pherán'Ephtaerín always kept the sake of all Sarvonian races, who were fighting the orcs, in mind and made no one-sided decisions in favour of his own people. However, there was no chance for him to stop the orcish invasion.

In the beginning of the great war Pherán'Ephtaerín and Kayretan, a captain of a human division joined their armies in a legendary encounter to renew the oath between the races, the legendary Tethías'Quarón, sworn for the first time at the end of SW II (501 b.S.). Together the human and the elven army intended to free the so-called Orcenhold located at the conquered Orril. It is written in the Mène'téka that a prophecy of an old human woman finally led Pherán'Ephtaerín  to leave the siege of Orril and to head for the east: The woman told him about her dream that a young elf with white eyes would save her firstborn son at the Heath of Jernais from the orcs and that this savior had the signs of an elven regent on him. In fact Pherán'Ephtaerín recognized that the woman spoke about Querín'Phár ("Travelling Leaf"), his own son. Indeed Pherán'Ephtaerín and his division arrived in time to join the retreating human and elven armies, but were in the Battle of Four Swords forced to flee together to Carmalad where most of the remaining forces (humans, elves, dwarves and halflings alike) fled the continent in order to escape the orcish superiority and to head for new lands (292 b.S.).

After setting foot on Denilou, an isle inhabitated by the descendants of the dwarf Brok Strongarm, Pherán'Ephtaerín became Rónn of the people of his race. He settled at the Efferin Delta in the northeast of the isle and founded the elven city of Almár'dár ("River Town").

Pherán'Ephtaerín was called untimely from Caelereth fighting orcs at the side of his human friend Devot with whom he had fled from Carmalad. Querín'Phár followed his father on the elven throne. Pherán'Ephtaerín also had a second child, a daughter Ethriel, who
played an important role in the Battle for Denilou several years after her father's death. Return to the top

Importance. Aside from his many unforgotten deeds during SW III, which are still remembered by the Aellenrhim elves, where Pherán'Ephtaerín initially hailed from, Pherán'Ephtaerín of course entered the history books as first Rónn of the elves of Deni'lou. Being head of the Carmarhim elves Pherán'Ephtaerín established as one of the first of his race direct relations with the native dwarves - and these relations proved essential in the unexpected war to follow, the Battle for Denilou. Pherán'Ephtaerín also built a gigantic realm in the Alé'lón forest with the support of his human companions from the Sarvonian mainland. The new realm was constructed both on land and at sea, which makes the Carmarhim elves one of the largest sea elven tribes currently existing on Caelereth. Return to the top

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