Stujuck "The Crooked" Bilge (1770-1560 b.S.) was a gnome inventor, highly renowned for his alchemical prowess and is celebrated for his accomplishments with Gnorian agriculture, namely, the invention of the first practical inorganic fertilizer for plant crops. The impact this had on the farming world was tremendous, and his studies are still being continued to this day. He is considered to be a genius by most modern Gnorian scholars.

Appearance. Stujuck stood at a little over a ped high, and is said to have weighed slightly greater than sixty ods. A close-cut, blonde beard tightly hugged his chin and his head was completely bald save for a thin crown, which he kept his entire life. His nose was long and crooked, having the appearance of being broken one too many times, and his nostrils were large and revealing; it is from this he got his nickname, "Stujuck the Crooked". Indeed, he is sometimes remembered more for his abnormally formed nose than his incredible contributions to alchemy. He had kindly, wrinkled blue eyes and plump cheeks.

According to several primary sources, Bilge is said to have prefered rather unassuming attire, despite his incredible wealth. The
gnome was known for dressing in dark, drab colours like brown and black. In one article, he is described as wearing: "...a shabby brown petticoat over an equally sullen tunic. He wore beige breeches that were considerably too long for him; they ended low, frequently catching on his old, cracked black dress shoes."
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Personality. Despite his philanthropic nature, Bilge was reputed to have a very short temper and no sense of humor. He confined himself to his laboratory, focusing not on society and kinship but on his work. It is possible his short temper developed from his lack of social activity, but one cannot state the fact confidently.

One of the most outstanding traits of the famous Gnorian that can be confirmed is his selfless desire to improve the quality of life for gnomes and the fierce passion that he dedicated to his work. One can also deduce that Stujuck bore an intense pride of the Gnorian people. His experiences during the Year of Darkness are thought to have strengthened these characteristics as well. Return to the top

Biography. The Early Years (1770-1765 b.S.). Stujuck Bilge was born of a humble farm family living on the outskirts of the city of Rasson (now named Gnorath), on the eastern southern Sarvonian coast, several strals east of the Troll Mountains. Silent and obedient, he quickly learned the art of Gnorian speech and writing, and efficiently assisted his parents on the farm. He performed tasks with a shocking ingenuity for one of his age.

Maturity (1751-1771 b.S.). The young and brilliant Bilge decided to learn the ways of the alchemist. After the town's Apprentice's Feast, Stujuck traveled to Rasson to begin his apprenticeship with a rather ill tempered and alcoholic old
gnome named Borgus. He learned quickly and fervently, but was often punished unjustly by his mentor in his wild, drunken rages. His apprenticeship finished ten years later and Bilge moved back to the family’s farm. His parents helped him construct a laboratory in the house and he conducted his work in there.

Period of Waning (1772-1648 b.S.). Stujuck kept himself largely confined to his laboratory in a stubborn fervor, insisting that he was close to discovering a way to enhance a plant with a man-made compound so that it grew faster, larger and healthier. Ridiculed by his colleagues and pitied by his parents, his pursuits were said to be in vain and he was dubbed a tragic failure at his refusal to move on to more productive studies. The years passed on, Bilge aged and nothing useful was produced.

Darkness (1649-1648 b.S.). The Year of Darkness took a heavy toll on the Bilge family. No crops were grown due to the heavy amounts of snow and lack of sunlight, and they relied on the city of Rasson for the majority of their food. His parents died of malnutrition aided by age. Stujuck moved out of necessity into the city to survive, and purchased a small house in the downtown area. His parents' deaths were reputed to have a heavy impact on him, and his humbling struggles against hunger and poverty improved his outlook on life. It is also said his desire to improve the
Gnorian quality of life spawned from this incident.

Success (1647-1640 b.S.). Two years after the terrible Year of Darkness, Stujuck finished his studies and created the first effective inorganic fertilizer for crops, allowing farmers to harvest more food during the growing season; the product was called "Bilge Powder". Initially, it was accepted with reluctance but he was soon cited as a hero, and was paid handsomely for his invention. Bilge continued his work for seven years, living in a lush manor in the middle of Gnorath, studying the effects the fertilizer had on certain plants and the soil, and improving the formula itself.

Retirement (1639-1566 b.S.). Bilge retired from his job early and bathed in the riches and fame that his work produced. He did not mentor an apprentice, and lived in comfort for the majority of his latter years.

Descent (1565-1561 b.S.). He became crippled and needed assistance to traverse around his home. Stujuck was confined more and more to his bed as his health began to fail and he became weaker.

Death (1560 b.S.). Stujuck Bilge, the brilliant inventor of plant fertilizer and hero of the
Gnorian population, passed away peacefully in his sleep.
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Importance. Stujuck Bilge is celebrated for his incredible contributions to agriculture and his steadfast desire to improve the gnomish quality of life. He is famed for being the first to create an effective, cheap, inorganic fertilizer for plants, which increased their growth speed, their size and their health.
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