Thalambath was a famous Sarvonian wizard, who lived at the Age of Silence during the War of the Chosen (approx. 8900 b.S.). Much is hidden in the grey mists of history about the wizard Thalambath, but one thing was never forgotten and is still present, even though it was created thousands of years ago: The black keep at the southwestern coast of the Truban Province of Santharia, a huge black fortress, arising challengingly to the sky like a dark mountain of pure black shining stone.


View picture in full size Picture description: The legendary Sarvonian wizard Thalambath. Image drawn by Faugar.

The legend goes that the building is Thalambath in own person. The chronicles of the ancient city begin with a passage starting at the end of the War of the Chosen, when according to the legend eight riders arrived in the south. They were refugees from the Great War, wounded and battered in many a battle and seeking a place for peace after years of horrifying war. Their leader was named Thalambath. He was a wizard, powerful and skilled, but had tried to avoid the mayhem of war by staying neutral in the dispute of White and Black Wizards. The fighting parties, who both tried to convince him to choose their side, eliminated his small realm in the north and tried to destroy him, but failed. With his seven servants the weakened wizard roamed the countryside, hiding from his pursuers, who gave up the pursuit in the end. The eight went south, in the hope to find a few likeminded people to cooperate with, but found nothing but destroyed and burned cities, only inhabited by a few remaining citizens. So the heart of the wise sorceror darkened and it is said that he slowly began to hallucinate at nights, while sitting weak and halfsleeping in his saddle at daytime. Madness came over him and a few small communities were destroyed by his seven powerful heralds before they arrived at the last spot he hoped to find a friend.

But even there, almost at the furthest point in the south of the continent, the war had ravaged the country. The last powerful wizard ruling these lands had died in battle as well, and his kingdom was destroyed.

It is at the sight of his last hope gone that Thalambath lost the last piece of sanity and ordered his seven followers to leave him once and for all. When they returned the ruins had made place for a gigantic castle, a black rock standing at the coast. Thalambath in person had disappeared but it is believed that he lives on within the walls of the fortress. It is also rumoured that hidden deep within the dungeons and catacombs there lies a large green diamond, the heart of Thalambath. But no-one has ever found it, yet.

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