The True Vision Cult is a community of human demonologists and demon-worshipping clerics. They live on the edge of what everyone knows and are believed by outsiders to be totally insane, though few outsiders know about them. Their main temple is supposed to be located in the mountains near Ximax, but no one is sure exactly where. The demonologists can get training in Ximax, and are feared and respected for their power, so few come to attempt to destroy them.

A True Vision priest

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Appearance. The appearances of the cultists are those of demons. Powerful demonologists who lead the cult, or possibly the High Demon who is believed to have founded the cult, transform parts of them to look like demons, depending on which caste they are placed in (see below). Return to the top

Coat of Arms/Sign. The sign of the True Vision Cult is a pair of cat-like eyes with green pupils, under which are the three letters "TTV" in Styrįsh (
TTV) which stand for the cult's name. Return to the top

Territory. While sometimes cultists strike out on missions, the head temple is in the mountains surrounding Ximax, the Zirkumire Mountains. The True Vision members keep the location secret, and some believe that it is not even in Caelereth, but being near Ximax gives them a place to train and recruit demonologists. The Ximaxians also stay clear, some out of fear or respect for the power of the demonologists of the cult, others because they are simply more open minded.
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People. The True Vision is made up of two types. There are the demonologists, recruited from Ximax or sent there to train before coming to the temple for further training. Also there are the clerics, though they have somewhat similar powers to those of the demonologists. Of course, all of the cultists prefer to be refered to as Visionaries.
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Housing. While the main temple is in the hills of Ximax, supposedly, no one knows what the inside looks like outside of the Visionaries. Of course, wherever the cultists go they set up temporary temples that look like small tents for worship at the right times. They are made of red cloth, have three walls and a ceiling, one side left open. Inside the hardened eyeball of a sentient species is hung on a central post and worshipped. Of course, which species the eyeball comes from is decided by the individual.
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Clothing. Visionaries as a whole wear dark red robes, at least at worship time, though many keep them on always. They also carry around any items they consider to be powerful, whether they are magical and truly powerful or simply a superstitious symbol which comforts the Visionary, like a token from his or her previous life.
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Food. The True Vision cult eats a balanced diet of meat and vegetation, though on a certain day their eating habits change drastically. On the day known as the Feast of Souls the Visionaries bring in living people, of any race, and feast upon their vital organs. But this day is known only to the Visionaries and their High Demon master Shavak.
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Weapons. The only weapons used by the True Vision are magic and their own transformed bodies. However, it is rare that any but the warrior caste fight, as those are the ones sent out to perform missions of slaughter and destruction, but if ever a cultists is discovered in hostile territory they must defend themselves.
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Occupations. There are four different castes within the cult, and one other occupation which is served by one person at a time. The four castes are as follows:

Government. The True Vision is run by the High Demon named Shavak. He passes down orders to the Tchovka who in turn passes them on to the cult. Of course, below Shavak are also several different types of demons: the Keslo, Genid, Cek, and Ishiq demons are all ruled by Shavak in his strange world. Only the clerics and demonologists in the True Vision know of these demons, of course, and are the only ones able to summon them. Return to the top

Festivals. The True Vision observes three festivals.

Age of Change

1116 Shavak contacts Kellan Mestis, human demonologist
Kellan spreads the word to other demonologists and they all gather in the mountains around Ximax and begin constructing a temple as Shavak instructs. Each of the 82 demonologists is sorted into a caste, Kellan becomes the first Tchovka. The Eve of True Visions comes later that year when some start to doubt Shavak's existence.
1129 Announcing of first Clerics
Kellan, after three days of straight meditation, announces a list of 68 names, the first to be clerics of Shavak. They are a group of clerics who have worshipped demons in general, and are brought to knowledge of the powerful High Demon by a group of leader caste ambassadors. They are brought back to the temple and sorted into castes willingly after the Eve of True Visions.

Age of Discoveries

1341 First Feast of Souls
Tchovka Zis delivers instructions from Shavak for the first Feast of Souls. Some are reluctant to go along, but as they feel the strength of the victims course through their bodies, just as Shavak promised, all accept the gruesome festival.
1436 Celebration of Bloodtide
Visionaries begin celebrating Bloodtide as instructed by Shavak on the Eve of True Visions. This is the only time that all of the Visionaries share a vision, that of the blood read ocean and the eyes of Shavak hovering in the air.
1511 Island Destruction
arrior caste Visionaries descend on a now forgotten island. All on the island believe that demons are truly evil, and were a great threat because of their powerful clerics. Everyone is wiped out, even the roaming clerics that were sent out to spread the message. 123 bringer caste Visionaries come and work together to summon a powerful demon which destroys the island totally, though they live.
1574 Zeck's Final Cry Plague
A plague, called Zeck's Final Cry, is unleashed by a Virus mage. Zeck Geffir sacraficed himself to create this devastating disease which attacked those who were part or totally demon due to magical changes. Zeck is the only one to ever infiltrate the True Vision, and only Visionaries were killed by the disease. It is wiped out after three weeks, causing a total of 316 deaths, nearly 1/3 of all Visionaries.
1621 Release of "Glimpsing Real Darkness"
Glimpsing Real Darkness, a book by Jake Bennet is released. It details his study of a strange, secretive cult. Though he'd observed little, he had seen a few Visionaries worshipping in their small tents with their disgusting relics. Very few copies are released, and no one believes him. He dies under mysterious conditions 12 days later.
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