An Aeolian Brownie lass from the Bluebark Tribe of unusual strain... part Dwarf and part Brownie... She established the magical interface that allows the Aeolians to communicate, by sight and by sound, with any receiver throughout the lands.

The Aeolian Brownie Whisper

View picture in full size Picture description: The Aeolian Bluebark Whisper, part brownie and part dwarf. Image drawn by Enayla.

Because of the harsh environment they live in, some of the Aeolian Brownies have chosen to be magically enlarged to human size. Whisper's mother was a Redbark that had thus chosen, standing a few fingerwidths taller than the average human woman. Whisper's father was a dwarven refugee, like so many others, taken in by the Aeolians and accepted as one of their own.

Trained in the Seven Schools of Magics, Whisper specialized in the Lightning branch. She lived a fairly nondescript life, contributing to Aeolian life by defending magically against real-world predators, and working hard with her hands in the borderland between the real world and the Etherial Void.

One day it was her turn to help to extend and expand the Land Between inhabited by the people of Aeolia. This is done by imagining the void into a semi-real scenery that was dependent on the void, yet not quite part of it, and then magically lock it into place. This takes a very careful balance between the imagination, the imaginary, the magic, and the operator. Whisper was preoccupied and drastically upset this balance.

Her lightning magic tunelled into the void, changing the imaginary into semi-real without the direction of anything but the most diffuse imagination. Such a tunnel must have an end. It came out in a Dragon's nest. Whisper could see and hear the dragon clearly, but physical contact was impossible - even when the dragon blew fire at her she was not harmed. Whisper had discovered a low-energy method of two-way communication using the Void as the communication medium.

Over the next few dozen years her discovery was developed and perfected to the degree that the Aeolians could "place a call" to anyone who had been given a receiver. Each receiver was tuned so it could only receive calls directed to it. Each receiver somehow consised of a living wooden border surrounding empty space, which would become a window to Aeolia when activated through the void.

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