Yerun the Ereshian was a Ximaxian researcher of Erpheronian descent, who spent most of his life with rats. His single crowning achievement was befriending a pack of Ximax rats, which led him to write many essays on them and helped us to understand much more about these creatures. He befriended the pack in his youth, and throughout his life he researched them obsessively. Yerun was born in 1550 a.S. and died at the age of 50 in 1601 a.S., killed by his own rats, who passed a fatal disease onto him, making his death both tragic and ironic.

Appearance. Yerun's appearance was that of a madman. His nor'sidian hair was always tangled and rarely washed, and his charcoal eyes were always wide. Yerun was short and very skinny – so much so that people who saw him from the back sometimes mistook him for a child. As soon as Yerun would turn around, however, his potato-sized nose and massive hands betrayed his age, as did his omnipresent stubble, which also gave him an unclean look. Return to the top

Personality. Yerun the Ereshian was a very reclusive man. He preferred the company of rats to people and hated exterminators, although he made an exception for Erron Ratdweller, the famous inventor of rat poison, because he admired Erron’s research into rat behaviour so much that he managed to ignore the countless rats that had died at the hand of his illustrious predecessor, because Erron turned from his cruel ways and became a dedicated himself to finding out more about the rats. Yerun was inspired by this man, and much of his work has its base in Errron's. This compendiumist was a bit strange, even calling himself 'the Ereshian' because that was a sort of 'rat sneeze' that his Ximax rats made. However, he abhorred cruelty to both men and animals, and was very serious during every waking hour he was not drunk. Yerun was very determined in everything he did, and tried to find out as much as possible about any given situation before doing anything. As for temper, Yerun was very patient, but in the rare times that he got angry, he went crazy, lashing out at everything in sight and screaming nonsense. His constant state of drunkenness didn't help his personality either, and eventually led to his irascibility having greater and greater influence over his life. Despite this, he had a few friends in the Compendium, and rarely got angry. Return to the top

Biography. Abandoned (1578 a.S.). Born to a simple farmer and his wife on the outskirts of Ximax, Yerun was abandoned on the steps of the Ximax Academy's library tower at birth, as his parents already had ten children and couldn't afford to feed another mouth. A librarian took him in as her own, but he had no friends, preferring to spend his time with the multitude of Ximax rats that inhabited the streets. He had no name at that point, so the librarian decided to call him Erron. This led him later in life to have Erron Ratdweller as his idol. His idea to write about the rats and research them stemmed from Erron's own work, and many parts of his essays are structured in the same way as Erron's.

Rat-friend (1587 a.S.). Yerun used to feed all the rats he could find, sometimes even going hungry to give them food. Such was his devotion, and the rats realised this, helping him to ward off bullies with their sharp teeth. After making friends with the pack of rats, Yerun started to want to write down his findings about their peculiar behaviours, just like his idol and role-model, Erron Ratdweller, of whom his guardian had told him much. He pestered the librarian until he agreed to teach him to read and write, and soon started writing down all he knew about the rats on stolen parchment and quills.

"Odd Behaviours of the Ximax Rat" (1589 a.S.). Yerun finished his first essay, "Odd Behaviours of the Ximax Rat", which he presented to the librarian, who immediately brought it to the nearest compendiumist. This essay contained a plethora of information on the Ximax rats' behaviours towards each other, towards humans, and towards other rats. It was a great insight into the mentality of not only the rats themselves, but Yerun as well. When the compendiumist read it, although very impressed he remarked that while the essay was very informative, Yerun had assumed that people knew many things about the rats, which they obviously didn't. He told Yerun to write up another essay, this time about the rats in general. This essay, "On Ximax Rats", took him 30 years to finish, and ended up about 1,000 pages long.

Compendiumist (1593 a.S.). Yerun gave a first draft to the compendiumist, who offered to take Yerun with him on his travels. Yerun happily agreed, and became a well-known, though not well-respected, compendiumist and researcher. In order to disassociate himself from Erron Ratdweller, he changed his name to Yerun. "The Ereshian" was a made up title, stemming from a particular noise that the Ximax rats make. Yerun found that this sound was used to call to other rats, and so tried to imitate it to attract rats to research. Yerun traveled all across Santharia during these years, finding out everything he could to do with rats: He branched out into finding out about things that eat rats and even into things that share a habitat with rats, such as rat brownies. About ten of his essays were published in these subjects, the most famous being "On Ximax Rats' Predators" and "A Surprising Abundance of Life: The Habitat of Ximax Rats".

"On Ximax Rats" (1593-1620 a.S.). Yerun slaved over his essay, producing several smaller ones in the process, until one day he finished it. He threw a huge party before giving it in, which he invited many famous compendiumists and rat researchers to, and went down in the (fairly exclusive) history of bestiary compendiumists of that era as one of the wildest parties ever. After "On Ximax Rats" was submitted, Yerun continued working on essays on his rats, and was quite happy in the rat-infested house in which he lived. "On Ximax Rats" contained the most comprehensive research and analysis of Ximax rats ever published. Not only did it include an abundance of painstakingly researched and written information, it also contained stories of the tricks Yerun used to gather it and many others.

Rabid Researcher (1525 a.S.). Yerun caught rabies from an old rat in his pack. He went mad, and was looked after by the elderly librarian for three years, During this period he produced some of his most fascinating writings, such as an essay on how to communicate with rats and a sort of 'rat dictionary'.

An Ironic Death (1629 a.S.). Yerun died after three years cooped up in his room, heirless and with a brain that had given up on him. His life may have gone, but his invaluable work on Ximax rats remains.
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Importance. Yerun the Ereshian was a dedicated, if a little odd, researcher and compendiumist. His inspirational persistence in finding out about Ximax rats is invaluable, and continues to aid many people today, including those researchers and compendiumists studying rats and Zohologists trying to keep them. In fact, ironically, it also helps rat exterminators and pest control to lure out and kill his beloved rats. Altogether, his influence in these small and exclusive areas was great and he will be remembered for his thoroughness and painstaking research.
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