The Process of Creating Chain Mail

Image description.

The process for forging Chain Mail is a lengthy and repetitive one. The first portion of the project involves the crafting of rings. Chain mail is made of hundreds of individual rings, each one bonded to four others.The rings are originally kept open, but as the forging process continues, they will be riveted shut. The next step is possibly the hardest and most complicated - the crafting of the ring chains. However, the journey of a thousand furlay begins with a single step, and the working of a thousand chains begins with a single ring. Attached to this ring are two others, hanging down sideways (so the narrow side faces the forger). This is a ring assembly. Two more ring assemblies are attached to this one. The side rings are folded out, creating a 4:1 pattern. You continue the third step until the chain is the desired length. Once the length is achieved, create another chain of equal length, continuing this until you have the desired shape/size mail pattern. Picture from the game Mystical Empire, used with friendly permission, done by Arbaon.