A Dwarven Earth Guide

Image description.

An Earth Guide is a dwarf with an unusually acute sense of direction. It is believed that it may be related to the magnetic or the ley lines running through Caelereth. Even in coal-blackness, spun around and turned upside down at an angle, these dwarves have an unerring sense of which way is "up", which way "down", and which way their home cavern is, not to mention a feel for the nearest open space. Usually male, but not always. Those who make it aboveground are eagerly sought after by human mine superintendants and treasure divers, or employed as night caravan guides or mountain rescue specialists. At least one such talented dwarf made a very good living as part of a circus troupe, but he is not a lauded character in Thergerim history. Picture from the game Mystical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration done by Arbaon.