The Zsharkanion Mountains

Image description.

The Chyrakisth believe that, scattered throughout Nybelmar, there are several "places of power" - in the form of natural structures, like this stone formation that can be found on the heights of the Zsharkanion Mountains. These places are supposed to be created by Menemronn's magic, and they are still infused with his power. It is here, at this particular spot in the Zsharkanion Mountains, where the Chyrakisth Obsidian King first had the revelation of his people's destiny (during the Year of Darkness): As some Murmillion sources assure us, the Chyrakisth started to believe that the Throne of Menemronn has no place in Ehebion anymore, instead it should belong to them. Chyrakisth Warbands still travel to this remote place, on a pilgrimage, claiming that they can feel Menemronn's power infusing their souls every time they see these stones... Illustration drawn by Atris.