The Forest of Contamar ("Frozen Forest")

Image description.

The Forest of Contamar (in rough Tharian: The Forest "captured through water") can be found at the tip of the Iol Peninsula, which is located at the Northeastern most point Northern Sarvonia. Its fitting then that the forest is known by the native elves as, Lón‘Exhonanhé ("Frozen Forest"). An even more fitting reason for such a name, however, is that the forest is in truth a forest of ice covered giant trees, which were anciently flourishing trees before they were frozen in their current state. The only explanations for this sudden freeze are clouded in myth, and this of course makes it quite difficult to discern the truth. These monstrous trees stand in crystal-like magnificence, and are one of the most awe-inspiring sites in all of Caelereth. Image drawn by Bard Judith.