The Council Tree of the Llaoihirr Brownies

Image description.

The Council Tree is a huge, magically enhanced cinnabark tree, which is also home to around 250,000 Brownies of the Llaoihrr tribe. This quite possibly makes it the largest settlement of the little folk anywhere, and certainly the biggest on the Sarvonian continent. The Memnoor’s city (another Brownie settlement in southernmost Aeruillin) might top it, but their home and magic academy includes members of all races, whilst the Council Tree is exclusively for Brownies. Bigger people just simply cannot fit into the spaces carved into the tree, nor use the 17-nailsbreath-high tunnels which serve as paths through the foliage around it. There is separate accommodation for the occasional Bigfolk visitor - a small hut some way from the tree itself. Naturally, the settlement sits deep in the safety of the Vale of the Brownies, an enclosed, sheltered valley to the west of the Rimmerins Ring. This area has been the home of the Llaoihrr Brownies for more than 4000 years. Picture drawn by Bard Judith.