The Youth Feyronn the Drewynn

Image description.

This illustration shows an artist’s representation of Feyronn’s mother’s personal effects at the time of her death; since her death in virtual pauperhood was in such contrast to her son’s affluent lifestyle, the list of the few things she had with her – most notably Feyronn’s portrait as a youth - became a poignant detail in the story that soon began to circulate. We quote from a street ballad of the period which itemizes them in maudlin prosody: “Only a string of amber beads / clutched in the weary hands / only a scrap of aging lace / wrapped at the tired throat. / And there by her heart that beat no more / the face of her still-loved son....”. Although crude and faded to colourlessness, this miniature is in all likelihood a more accurate representation than the more technically proficient portrait that adorns the “Shrine of Appeasement to the Undead Assassin”, that infamous architectural monstrosity on the outskirts of New-Santhala... so in the interests of scholarly authenticity we proffer it here. Picture drawn by Bard Judith.