Jaecor "Ironhand" Armerson

Image description:

Jaecor "Ironhand" Armerson (844 b.S.-820 b.S.), before his fame commonly known as "Jaek of Weyring", was a well-known Erpheronian knight, member of the Order of Armeros, war hero and - last, but not least - an irresistible attraction to dozens of ladies of the nobility in his time. Aside from successes on the battlefield Jaecor's fame was mainly founded in his overnight rise to a celebrity and the fact that he was the only person of all times to have ever triumphed three times in a row in the Armerenda Festival dedicated to the God of War, Armeros. Thus he gained the posthumous title "Armerson" (short for "Son of Armeros"), making him near-immortal among his people. Image drawn by Bard Judith.