The Kuglim Capital Lu'Weilima

Image description.

Lu'Weilima, meaning "Weilima's City" or "Weilima's Fortress" is the greatest of all Kuglim towns and is said to have been named after one of the three daughters of the Vir'tog Helvet. It can be found in the Celeste Lowlands of Northern Sarvonia in the land controlled by the Helvet'ine Kuglim ("Brave Helvet's Tribe"), perched upon the middle hill of a range of three hills known as Beinaz'mur or Three Sisters. The population is ever in flux, so it can be said that conservatively there are about 7.000 regular inhabitants. Though efforts have been made to clean up the city lately, it is still considered somewhat squalid by Santharian standards. Though, this might add to it's appeal which it has definitely and is rarely found anywhere south of the Tandala. Picture drawn by Bard Judith.