The Miraje Finger Blade

Image description.

The Miraje is an exotic and rare weapon found on the continent of Nybelmar, which is thought to have its roots in the ancient Krean. It is amongst the most inconspicuous arms in all of Caelereth, which only adds to deadliness. If you were to see the bearer of a Miraje walk right past you, the weapon would look like nothing more than a silver ring. However, when the weapon is laid out on a table you truly realise how remarkable its design is. The blade of the weapon looks like a downsized version of knife, being five nailsbreaths in length. The flat end of the blade is bound to a silver ring, though where is determined by who the weapon was smithed for, since they are custom made so that the entire length of the blade is concealed by the middle finger. Picture drawn by Bard Judith.