The Cyhalloian Slinker

Image description.

The Cyhalloian Slinkers (also known simply as "Slinkers" by the Kasumarii) are small wild canine animals, on average 1 ped long but some have been seen around 1.25 peds. They have long sleek white bodies with large paws and are sometimes kept as hunting companions by both the elves and men of the region. Slinkers travel in packs ranging from 5 to 7 ferrets and each pack can have a territory of up to 5 perries. Characteristic for this animal is the black tufted tip, and if you read the fable "The Slinker's Fault" contained in "Master Tribell's Miraculous Narrations", you'll find out how the slinker got to that... Image drawn by Eshˇh K'ryvvlen.