A Helmondsshire Halfling

Image description.

A depiction of a Helmondsshire clockmaker halfling. The Helmondsshire Hobbits are the largest hobbit tribe dwelling in Santharia, and one of the oldest as well. They dwell in the Silvermarshes, and because of this are sometimes called hobbits of the Silver Shire. These hobbits are more diverse than some, as they have lived in close contact with different kinds of humans, elves, and even dwarves, and the blood of all these races still resides in small amounts in many hobbits. Many of the hobbits are a bit taller than they were originally, averaging between 1 and 1.2 peds. Helmondsshire Hobbits are also typically more lightweight than most hobbits. Picture drawn by Eshˇh K'ryvvlen.