The Daedhirian "Undead"

Image description.

The people that inhabit the Cursed Lands were originally Anpagan men who gathered under the leadership of a group of mages, called "Daedhirians", and were exiled there after the Year of Darkness - when the Republican Wars ended and the Anis-Anpagan Dominion emerged as a reborn nation in Nybelmar. Since the creation of the Enclave there are very few reports over their activities and organizational structure, so what is known about them comes mostly from occasional sightings. There is though one thing that is known for sure, and that is the fact that the majority of the Venlaken inhabitants are no longer humans, but something that perhaps could be named as "undead". The scene above shows how the Daedhirians are envisioned to look like today - at least in the imagination of the artist... Picture from the game Magical Empire™, used with friendly permission. Illustration drawn by Faugar.