"Jael" Mènelón

Image description:

"Jael'"Mène'lon (or Astan Mènelón-Cochrán-Idaín, 242 b.S - 14 a.S.) was a Maeverhim elf of questionable lineage, and lost affections of the tribe before departing with her human spouse on the first of many trading expeditions. The fleet she began with her first human husband was well known in trading, and only became more wealthy and known throughout the lands as her second elven husband directed her ships to the continent of Nybelmar. Though the tribe looks down upon those Maeverhim that touch the earth, Jael was still welcomed by her mother, and was only called Mód'hál'eferán (Styrásh: Mód'hál'eferán, "earth-burned") by the elderly, young and ignorant. Picture drawn by Faugar.