Jhadwich the Demonslayer

Image description:

In the 19th century b.S., during the Age of Myths, the Caltharian squire Jhadwich is said to have slain the "Monster of the Goltherlon Forest" by using a self-fabricated spear. It is said that the young squire's spear was made of the finest steel and wood, and that he sought the help of dwarven smiths to enchant the deadly tip. With it he pierced through the beasts unholy heart, and it is told that the enchanted iron melted when it got into contact with the demon's innards. The beast didn't die at once, but was unable to move and finally was extinguished through its own fire. The "glorious" Jhadwich unfortunately burnt to death as well after having dealt the deadly blow to his foe. Picture drawn by Faugar, used with permisson from Mystical Empire.