Shakgrah the Searer

Image description:

Shakgrah the Searer was an orcish Shaman orc of the Losh-Oc tribe. She was the daughter of the war-chief Mukhor, who was the son of the Shaman woman Eghau; who also was a Searer. Shakgrah's searing abilities were given to her by her grandmother through her father. Shakgrah became a great sign of respect and power when she was wed to Gekbar, the future Warlord. Her life was ended quickly; a fight against the last of the Mynians during the Burning Night caused the orcs to flee; she was unable to escape and was slaughtered by the frenzied Mynians. She is seen as a martyr to her tribe; and though they could not find her flesh to consume her power, they built an altar near the site she was last seen. Picture drawn by Faugar.