The Ylfferhim Leias Avennía "Wren" Asaiá

Image description:

Without any doubt Avennía "Wren" Asaiá (1504-) is one of the most famous contemporary elves of all of Santharia. This has various reasons, one of them being that Avennía Asaiá had been the ninth Ylfferhim Leias for more than a full century, before she left her tribe in order to travel throughout the provinces as an elven messenger and healer, using her alchemistic skills as well as her excellent musical talents to bridge the gaps between the races. As for the latter: Interpreting a great variety of elven and human myths with her highly admirable voice, Avennía Asaiá soon received the cognomen "Wren" as she performed among humans, in remembrance to the singing bird. Picture drawn by Faugar.