A Melád Elf

Image description.

Due to their hertiage from the learned Injerín and the rough, adventurous Artyrhón; the Melád share many characteristics with their relatives, being tall - easily exceeding the height of a human - with sharp, angular features. They also tend to have a light colouring: their complexion is best described to be typically pale, one could almost believe them to be made of the finest porcelain if it were not for their rather unkempt appearance. Their hair is uniformly blonde - though shade varies from a strawberry colour all the way to pure white - which is far commoner than one might imagine. Hair is also uniformly straight, and is worn loose by both sexes. Their eyes are most often a soft grey, contributing to their name, but blue, green and the lightest shade of lilac imaginable also occur. Image by Kara Webber, used with friendly permission.

Melád elves are often tattooed; some considerably so, using a grey ink produced by the poeritt flower. This is a unique trait to this tribe as no other wood elven tribe in the northern part of the Sarvonian continent uses body art in this way.