The Zeiphyrian Hunting Hound

Image description.

Quaelhoirhim elves are one of the few wood elven tribes to keep "domestic" dogs, although they tend to roam around in packs much of the time, so perhaps may only be counted as semi-domesticated. The hounds seem to have their origins in the alliance with the dark elves in the First Sarvonian War (see the Eophyrhim elves). It is believed that the Quaelhoirhim elves manage to aquire several of these sought after animals. The Zeiphyrian animal is a slightly glossy, slightly shorter and stockier version of the original and is often used as an all purpose working, hunting or guarding dog by many many tribes, as the Quaelhoirhim love to trade, and these dogs have found usages in many different communities. Drawn by Fiorellina, commissioned work for Ana Espinosa.