The Kreankra High Queen Lílýáshn Áérálvr

Image description.

Lílýáshn Áérálvr (4.633-4.585 b.S.) was the High Queen of the Twin Kingdom of southwestern Nybelmar for the short period between 4.604-4.585 b.S. Oftentimes referred to as the Ash Queen, the Lady of the Ashes, Queen Lílýáshn the Gory or Lílýáshn the Dark, she was perhaps the leading revolutionary and possibly the strongest black sorcerer of the Twin Realm’s history. She was the first and possibly the only person to wear the Double Crown and the first royalty to be incinerated upon her death. Beside her exhilarating life story, Lílýáshn is known for her legal reforms and celebrated as the saviour of the two tribes during the ghastly War of the Boar. Picture drawn by Fiorellina.