The Young Lílýáshn Áérálvr

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Before the age of nine the later Kreankra Queen Lílýáshn  was fluent in Lvár, the ancient tongue of the Aestera, Háráth, the ancient tongue of the Lillivear and Krath'mélár'ián, the common tongue of the kingdom. Little Lílýáshn had diminutive time left solely to herself: In the mornings she would learn the lore of the ancients, the geography of Nybelmar and the art of persuasion and rhetoric; after lunch she would have a small break before continuing with the Way of the Snake and the Panther - an offensive martial arts system, study with a mentor from the House of Earth Magics and train with the local Aesteran priestesses.  Lílýáshn also had a great musical talent and is said to have played various instruments. Picture drawn by Fiorellina.