Jenevere, Aeoliran Goddess of Spirit

Image description:

Jenevére is a popular Aeoliran Goddess, worshipped widely with great enthusiasm by many. She represents one of the lesser elements, the element of Soul, this being perhaps the most obscure, dealing with emotions and morals. Jenevére is good and kindly, an example to all, she is said to be truly happy with her life, and aims to drive mortals upon the world into a similar state of joy and ecstasy within their lives. To do this, she is said to give a little of herself to every life, not in a material form, but as a silent muse buried deep within every person, helping to decipher right from wrong. If this god-given gift is used wisely, and correct decisions are always made, then the person will surely be happy with life. Image drawn by Jeshannon.